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Kenneth Ingraham is a producer of simulation, film, multi-media projects and Interactive Performance. He has produced and directed for stage, video, simulation and live entertainment.
His work includes Concept Development, Simulation Design, Writing, Direction, Project Management and Facilitation.

He is currently the president of Interactor Simulation Systems and the Chief Proposal Designer at The Proposal Experts.

Some of Ken’s credits and clients include:

Walt Disney Imagineering       Gaylord Palms
UCF College of Nursing          Disney Institute
UF Medical School                  Engineering & Computer Simulations
Booz Allen Hamilton                Florida Film Festival


“In any project, I strive to create the optimal design for the given context
and intent. It is my goal to reach, to inspire, to entertain, and to affect.

“Strategy: Know what you want to achieve, who your audience is, and how,
when and where the story will be told.

“Technique: Surround yourself with smart and open people, and make sure there is mutual respect for all concerned.”